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NextGen PM (Practice Management) Software

Small Practices Overdue claims, denials, and time-consuming manual processes can kill cash flow in a small practice, where every dollar counts. Add ever-changing payer and coding rules, and it’s a wonder provider’s find time to practice medicine. That’s why VirMedice pre-loads your system with claims rules, fee schedules, medications, and procedure and diagnosis codes. In addition to payer and clinical intelligence, NextGen Practice Management incorporates automation features that, when configured to follow your workflow, will:

  • WorkLog Manager, a feature that monitors and instantly responds to events occurring in the system by sending tasks in real time to designated staff members with instructions on what to do next; how to do it; and when to do it.
  • Instant productivity transparency by tracking completed and outstanding tasks to measure operations and performance.
  • Labor-intensive reports and business tasks can be scheduled to run automatically at a specified time.
  • Integration with the NextGen product suite to enable consistent, real-time clinical and administrative workflow among providers, hospitals, and patients.
  • Check claims for errors before electronically submitting to a payer or clearinghouse
  • Alert staff the instant a claim becomes overdue, with instructions for immediate follow up
  • NextGen PM can centralize appointment scheduling, billing, collections, and other business processes for group practices, while preference settings allow different locations, and in some cases staff, to operate according to their own workflow.
  • This gives practices real-time access to patient records from any location, to reduce redundancy and errors – and to provide patients with better service. At the same time, managers have instant access to reports, for financial and operational analysis, that are built into the system.
  • NextGen PM features other practice-configured automation tools for increased productivity and management control, such as WorkLog Manager and Autoflow, a computer-guided check-in/check-out process.