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NextGen Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

NextGen’s award-winning, CMS certified EHR offers unique features that set us apart from other solutions:

Our NextGen® Enterprise software technology and solutions accommodate the unique needs of ambulatory practices of all sizes. Our EHR solutions help you coordinate your patients’ care and comply with healthcare reform demands like Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) requirements, population health needs, and other value-based care initiatives.

NextGen® Enterprise EHR and practice management software provides intuitive clinical workflows that make healthcare easier. Less paperwork. Mobile documentation. Population health analytics. Intuitive clinical workflows. Solutions for better patient engagement. Virtual visits. Financial management solutions and dashboards. All in one platform. A better patient experience coupled with a more efficient practice. That’s better healthcare.

  • Pre-built clinical templates and workflow for over 25 specialties ensure complete, accurate documentation stored in a standard format.
  • Disease management templates capture discrete data at the point of care to meet clinical reporting guidelines for pay-for-performance programs.
  • ePrescribing that automatically checks prescriptions against a patient’s medications and allergies.
  • Integration with the NextGen product suite to enable consistent, real-time clinical and administrative workflow among providers, hospitals, and patients.
  • NextGen EHR does much more than create efficiency with documenting encounters. It makes the practice environment around the physician run smoothly, too.
  • With built-in workflow and clinical templates, NextGen EHR provides the basic framework to get small practices up and running quickly. The VirMedice Project Managers assist you with custom fitting your system to your needs.
  • Electronic patient charts are arranged by practice workflow on a single screen for efficient documenting. After intake, the physician can review the medical summary and quickly order prescriptions, tests, procedures, or referrals right from the system.
  • To patients, your practice appears streamlined, organized, and proactive with instant access to charts and lab results, e-prescribing with pharmacies, health maintenance alerts, medication recalls, and more.
  • Workflow preferences can vary from physician to physician in a group practice. NextGen EHR allows each doctor to follow his/her own workflow, while patient information is collected and centrally stored in a standard format.
  • Multiple-location practices can instantly access and document in patient records from any location. This provides patients with the flexibility to make appointments or receive test or lab results at any location without causing a paper chase for the practice.
  • NextGen EHR is especially suited for multi-specialty practices thanks to built-in clinical content and workflow for over 25 specialties.
  • NextGen EHR provides the features your group practice needs now, and the functionality and ongoing support required to remain competitive in an ever-changing medical environment.