The Most Experienced NextGen Reseller.

VirMedice Managed Cloud Services

VirMedice has created a premium private cloud using the latest compute and storage technology to provide a secure, blazing fast, user friendly, always on platform for your NextGen application. Our goal is to significantly reduce cost of on-premise infrastructure and reduce complexity navigating increasing regulations. Upon completing our discover phase, VirMedice will specify a unique environment tailored to your practice needs. Bring your own NextGen licensed products in our premium private cloud with 24x7 access securely over the internet or via layer 2 connection. VirMedice can customize your environment to include everything needed to run your existing Nextgen instance or in our secure state of the art private cloud leaving the expense and headache of running your own datacenter in the past.

Hardware and software cost to run Nextgen for your practice can get costly. Dual Core, Core Licensing, SQL licensing, Routers, Switches, firewall, security, compliance, patching and let’s not forget the staff to manage these resources. It’s time to face the facts in our modern connected world, backpacking these expenses every few years just to run software doesn’t make sense.

  • Bring your own NextGen licensing, or purchase from VirMedice.
  • No new graphical user interfaces to learn.
  • No “Cloud Lock”, your data is always accessible and portable.
  • BGP multi-homed blended bandwidth.